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I’m a software engineer and piano technician in Fort Collins, Colorado. I’ve had a nomadic existence in the software industry which you might be able to tell from my resume.

My old home page at http://www.verinet.com/~jbm and http://www.frii.com/~jbm (after Front Range Internet bought Verinet) had some stuff that stayed relatively static, mostly related to some old BeOS development I did. I’m pulling that stuff into an entry linked from the main page to let Movable Type archive it.

My brother Tom has a web page.

My Dad likes to keep a running journal of the books he’s read. Not as literary commentary, but as reminders to himself! Which may sound funny, but you know, I couldn’t tell you the plot of half the books sitting on my bookshelf…

I paddle a kayak around for exercise, originally because my knees are shot, but it’s actually much more pleasant than the jogging/biking I was doing before. But during 2009, I took up barefoot running, and can now run even with my messed up knees!

I play classical music on my restored Chickering & Sons grand piano. I also poke about on my Chapman Stick. Learning has gone slowly. It’s an interesting instrument, mine’s a 10-String XG, tuned Deep Baritone Melody because I love the low range overlapped with the left hand, and the ACTV-2 goes down real smooth.

Dan Yee “doing the bowl” at one of his birthday parties.

Chris Brooks wearing a tie. Honest.

My Father in law is a retired Professor of Geology at the University of Florida.

Send me email at web@jimmoy.com

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